Oasis Outfitters mounted camper stabilizer.
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B&S Stabilizer

$ 299.00 
$ 400.00 

B&S stabilizers come fully assembled, with the hardware to install. Our stabilizers greatly reduce and sometimes completely eliminate swaying, rocking, and motion while the camper is parked and jacks are engaged and stabilizer is securely locked in place. B&S Stabilizers are sturdy, durable, and only weigh 20.5 pounds per set of four.

The B&S Stabilizer is constructed of 1 inch, 14 gage square tubing with a ¾ inch, 11 gage square tubing extension bar, providing up to 34 inches of extension. Our stabilizer is powder coated for rust and weather resistance. The swivel head and brackets allow for  installation obstacles. The large ¼ inch steel bracket attaches to the frame with bolts, NOT self-tapping screws. Tongue-mounted stabilizers will require a 5/16" x 3" bolt, which is included in every order.

No welding required making installation a breeze with a set of basic tools. So easy a child could do it!

Made in the United States. Patent pending.

Additional videos:
How to Install a B&S Stabilizer on a Camper
How to Lock in a B&S Stabilizer on a Camper
So Easy a Child Can Do It

Note: Everything needed for assembly is included, but the tools are not. The tools required are minimal – please review photos to see all you need for installation.