Are camper stabilizers required?

Stabilizers are an added accessory, designed to reduce sway and rocking motion while camper is parked. Stabilizers are not required but are highly desired due to their ability to reduce swaying and increase overall stability.

Is it hard to install stabilizers on campers?

B&S Stabilizers come fully assembled with the few pieces of hardware needed to install. A basic set of wrenches and a drill bit is all that is needed for installation. No welding required! It's so easy a child could do it.

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So Easy a Child Can Do It

Do stabilizers really work?

The use of camper stabilizers provide added support and stability. This eliminates swaying and rocking. Try a set, you won't regret it!

Are all scissor jacks installed on campers in the same direction?

Not all RV/Camper jacks are mounted in the same direction. We built the B&S Stabilizers with a swivel head and large steel bracket that allows for these differences.

How many stabilizers are in a set?

Each box of B&S Stabilizers contains a set of four with hardware included. All you need are some standard tools.

How are B&S Stabilizers different than other stabilizers?

Our stabilizers do not require any welding, all equipment is included, and you only need standard tools to install it on any camper. Not only that, they are also coated with a weather-resistant layer to protect against rust and extend the life of our product. Our US-made stabilizers are unlike anything on the market and hopefully they help you enjoy your camper as much as we've enjoyed ours!

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